Links Around the Web

I spend a lot of time on the computer. Whether I'm working, blogging, catching up with my friends, or just killing some time, the computer is normally a constant in those activities. 

Yes, I get distracted and often find myself traveling down a rabbit hole of things non-related to what I'm actually supposed to be doing, but when that happens, I tend to stumble across a lot of random, interesting, and sometimes enlightening articles. 


Here are some I've found recently that I thought were worth sharing. 

1. 10 quotes that will help change the way you think.

2. I'm not necessarily a The Simpsons fan, but these are such interesting facts about the show. 

3. If I only were so lucky to have found some of this stuff in my home

4. Who doesn't love celebrating their birthday and eating free at restaurants because of it?! 

5. You won't run out of topics with your coworkers at this year's holiday party thanks to these useful, but random facts

6. Just in case you missed it: a gift guide for the hostess in your life. All items are under $50!