10 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

The longer I blog, the more people I have visiting the site on a daily basis, which is awesome! That’s my goal. To bring great content to my readership. Today I wanted to share some snippets of facts about myself that you may find surprising or just weird. Regardless, they give you a glimpse into my lil’ ol’ life. I would love to hear some interesting facts about yourself, too. Comment with your tidbits!

1. I love baths!

If I had the time to sit in a bath tub every day, I would. I love baths! It’s funny because I have a friend who can’t stand the idea of sitting in water for that long, but that’s what I love about it. I pour a glass of wine or water, grab my iPad and read! Lately, I’ve been watching Netflix while I relax since binge watching a few new shows (American Crime Story: Gianni Versace, anyone?!). I have a whole collection of bath bombs, soaps and scrubs to compete the experience. There’s just something about baths that makes me feel luxurious and rewarded after a long day or week.

bath time

2. I have been to over 15 different countries

My parents love to travel and, in turn, we’ve visited some truly amazing places throughout our childhood and adult life. Since twin sis’s and my birthday is in June, we’ve celebrated some across the world in places like Venice, Italy, Paradise Island, Bahamas, and Las Vegas, Nevada. I’ve been on three different cruises that have made traveling to many countries even more possible. This past August, J and I went on a Baltic Sea cruise to Sweden, Finland, Russia, and Estonia with his family. It was a BLAST! My favorite places I’ve traveled? Pompeii, Italy, Ephesus, Turkey & Paris, France. Oh, and Barbados because J and I honeymooned there and it was unforgettable. Honestly, it’s hard to choose because each country’s culture is unique along with the memories we’ve made there.

Catherine's Palace, Russia

3. I’m obsessed with Corgis

So this may not be a new thing for most people that have read my blog and/or seen my social media posts, but it’s something I have to say again since it’s such a big part of me. I am (appropriately) obsessed with Corgis. It’s a healthy obsession, but an obsession nonetheless. From corgi socks to pajamas to salt and pepper shakers to flower pots, I have corgi memorabilia everywhere and I’m not ashamed! But of course, the best thing in the world is having my own little one named Luna.


4. I’m a State Tennis Champion

Throughout middle school and high school, twin sis and I played tennis. Freshman year of high school we got paired as a doubles team and the rest is history. We won the city district tournament 3 years in a row and would always get so close to winning the State tournament, but missed it by a few rounds each time. Ironically enough, our senior year we placed second in the district tournament and ended up winning the state championship title against the same team we lost to in district. Talk about a comeback :P

High School Yearbook

5. A dirty house drives me crazy

Whether it be clothes thrown over the back of a chair, a blanket casually tossed on the couch, or a piece of mail that has been sitting on the counter for a day or two, I cannot handle anything askew in my house for longer than a day at a time. I must clean or put it away! I feel like I’m constantly cleaning, but I do it because it makes me happy. I truly feel more productive when things are where they should be.

6. Mashed potatoes are everything

Considering I thought these were their own food group for the majority of my childhood, I’d pile them high on my plate relishing in ever last bit off I could get my hands on. In fact, to this day I can easily polish off a whole bag of Ore Ida’s microwavable russet potato / mashed potato mix. Mashed potatoes are one of my favorite foods along with really any other type of potato dish.


7. I don’t like grapefruit

I just can’t do it, y’all. I do not like the taste of grapefruit in any way, shape or form. Really, I can only stand the scent in small doses.


8. My left foot is 1/2 size bigger than my right

And it hasn’t always been the case, which is super weird. A few years ago, I noticed that my normal size 6 wasn’t fitting anymore so I went down to a size 5 1/2 in shoe. Then I realized that it would fit fine for my right foot, but not my left! Whelp, I have to shop for my left & pad up my right now. Such is life :/

9. I’m 5 ft 3/4 in tall

So ya… I’m not that tall. Which is why I’m all about petite clothing. Some of my favorite stores for petite clothes are Loft & Old Navy. I truly don’t feel like am I short until I 1) stand next to an average-height woman, 2) need to reach something on a higher shelf at the grocery store, 3) try on average-sized pants…. okay I feel short often :P

10. I’ve always wanted to be a novelist

My dream in life is to pull an “Under the Tuscan Sun” as I like to call it… minus the divorce, of course…. and rent out an Italian villa to write a historical fiction novel. I absolutely love reading and writing and have always wanted to author a novel of my own. I have no professional writing training a part from my Journalism degree. I’ve looked into creative writing classes in SA, but haven’t found one just yet. If you know of any, please share!