Gift with a Purpose

I received a free piece of jewelry in exchange for social media promotion. 

Giving gifts is about making someone else feel happy, appreciated, and loved. How would you feel if the gift you gave not only benefited the recipient, but also the person who made the item?

That's what's awesome about Global Purchase. Their mission is to design and deliver products that create positive change in the lives of others. Global Purchases provides education and income opportunities for women and children living in vulnerable communities in areas including India, Haiti, and Uganda.

You don't have to look far for brands of Global Purpose. 


In the Blooms department at H-E-B, you'll find beautifully-crafted handmade goods by Village Artisan, a brand that employs women in India to create eco-friendly products. 


Looking for a gift for your mom, girlfriend, daughter, or friend? These items would be a great option! You won't find pieces quite like this in other stores around San Antonio. 


Your purposeful purchasing will help create a more hospitable world for everyone, and that's what Global Purpose works towards each day.