Gift Guide: For the Pet Lover

We all that one friend (or 5) who are completely obsessed with animals, more specifically, their own animals. Luckily, I've surrounded myself with some amazing women who adore their furry pets. Again, luckily, most of them are dog people... My two sisters are the only anomalies... 

Just kidding! Cats can be cute and cuddly, too.  I've compiled a great guide of items- all under $60, btw- for the pet lovers in your life. 


1. This adorable ornament makes any tree "pet-friendly. You just may want to put it a little higher on the tree so your cat doesn't get to it.. 

2. Gather your energy for the day from these sugar skull dog/ cat coffee mugs. 

3. For the pet-lover who likes to handle his/her (dog's) business in style, opt for this stylish baggie pouch. 

4. Dry your own "paws" off on this comfortable bath rug. 

5. Because, let's be honest, that's all any pet-lover wants to do all day... Lay down on this pillow, sit back and watch your favorite holiday film with your furry friend cuddled up beside you. 

6. These coasters have your furniture, and your gift, covered. 

7. Always have your pet in mind when journaling throughout the day. 

8. Of course, you need stylish pens to go with it. 

9. Let all your guests know that a pet lives in your home with this light-up marquee hanging on your wall, or on a shelf. 

10. Because if you live with an animal, you most likely need one of these.