Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekends should happen every weekend, don't you think? I really feel the world could greatly benefit from an extra full day of rest and relaxation. I say we start a petition to lose a workday and ad a day of recovery from the weekend. Comment below to sign... or to say 'hi'! Either one is good. :P

The holiday weekend began and ended at our family's lake house. Although the threat of rain followed us as we drove up Friday, the days were sunny and relatively cool (96 degrees) compared to the July 4th weekend we spent up there where temps were topping out at around 106 degrees. 

We boated, we ate, we swam, we sunburned, we laughed, we ate. You know, the typical American celebration. 

I snapped the above photo when I took Luna out Saturday morning. All was calm and quiet on the lake. 

We made pizzas in our parent's restaurant-grade pizza oven! So delicious. After a few previous failures, we finally perfected the art of making pizzas in this oven. Totally worth the wait. 

My sweet Luna in the morning light. 

Dad and J soaking up the rays and swapping words of wisdom. 

Could my nephew be any cuter? He was making us "Peanut Butter & Jelly soup" with his bucket and water guns this weekend. Oh, a child's imagination. 

Check out this amazing charcuterie board Mom and Nana whipped up before our main course, Spaghetti Bolognese. 

Sunday evening brought rain showers. I just had to snap a photo of the intense rain shafts over the water. Yes, a few unfortunate boaters got caught in it. We were witnesses. 

Labor Day, and really any day out by a Texas pool, would not be complete without queso! 

I get nervous every time I see this image: J and one of two brothers-in-law on a jet-ski with a raft in tow. Their goal is to basically throw each other off any way they know how. J came back with a large scratch on the side of his head. Perfect... :l 

Of course, nothing washes down queso like Margaritas made with Jose Cuervo. 

How'd you spend your "final weekend of summer"? I hope it was enjoyable!