Corgi Booties & Sea Foodies

This past week I visited a friend in Austin who had moved to there a little over a year ago with her husband. You could say our friendship came about through a stroke of fate. I say it came about thanks to the "sashay of a fluffy booty". 

Follow me... 

We met at the old apartment complex J and I lived and became fast friends. It all started one evening as we were leaving. We were in my car driving when I noticed a man walking a familiar fluffy booty. As we got closer I remember telling/ screaming at J, "That's a Corgi puppy! Oh my gosh, that's a Corgi puppy!".

As we drove by I got a glimpse of the cutest puppy I'd ever seen in my life... aside from Luna, of course. 

I can talk to anyone about Corgis, let alone complete and total strangers. So, I did what I felt compelled to do. I threw the car in reverse and hightailed it backwards until we pulled up along side him. The man was noticeably a little taken aback as I rolled the window down, popped my head out the window and basically yelled at him, "That's a Corgi, right?! I have a Corgi too! What's his name?! We should have a play date!" At this point, J was utterly mortified. It wasn't the first time, nor will it be the last time...

It was then I first met Will and Franklin. A few days later Luna and Franklin met in the dog park, along with Sara and I. Our bond of Corgis brought us together, but our friendship has grown even stronger over the past couple of years. 

We try to get together when she comes into town for work, but this time I made the trip up to visit her for the day. 

I met her at this fantastic restaurant called Perla's on S. Congress, a popular tourist spot with shops, restaurants, and ice cream shops!

The decor was crispy and clean with white linens and white wood paneling along the walls. The pop of blues and occasional sea creatures mounted on the wall classily hinted at the style of cuisine. They had a great outdoor patio which we totally would've hit up had it not been over 90 degrees outside. During the cooler months, the patio would definitely be the place to park it.  

There menu was chock full of some great dishes like a Lobster Roll, Raw Oysters & Shrimp, and a Grilled Tuna Sandwich. Sara ordered the Shrimp Po-Boy Sandwich while I opted for the Cocktail Shrimp Cobb Salad. 

I'm trying not to gnaw my hand off as I finish out this post... Deep breathes, Sam. Deep breathes.

Our dishes were so good, but the "icing on the cake" was when the waitress brought out a Salted Butterscotch Pot de Crème for Sara since her birthday was a few weeks ago and we didn't get to celebrate. 

It came with Whipped Crème Fraîche and Coconut Lace Cookies. I tried hard not to grab the thing and stuff it in my face. I had to keep telling myself that it was Sara's birthday & she deserved it... :P *Sigh*

After three hours of catching up and stuffing our face with good food and yummy drinks, I headed back home. Sometimes you just need a good friend & some good food to complete your week, right?