My Week in a Nutshell: 8/22- 8/28

Another week has flown by, but truthfully, I'm glad it did. Although I work from home, sometimes I just crave the weekends. Working at home gets lonely, so when the weekend comes around, I get excited that J and I can spend our days together doing whatever we please. 

But before I talk about this past weekend, let's review the weekdays! 

On Tuesday, I got "all dolled up" and visited the DMV office to apply for my new Driver's License with my new last name. After applying for my new social security card two weeks ago, I can now continue the "fun" name change process by applying for new government documents and adjusting my name on bank and utility services info.  

It's been a tedious process, to say the least. There is so...much... paperwork! Of course, it's worth it in the end, but I've got a stack of papers and documents to submit to make sure my license matches my SS card which matches my Passport which matches my credit cards... you get the picture. 

On Thursday I went to get my new passport photo taken. Did you know you can't smile in passport photos anymore?! The last time I applied for a passport was back in 2009, so I obviously didn't know the new rule. The CVS employee was like, "Oh no, honey. You can't smile." "What?! I can't smile? Dear god it's going to look like a mugshot."

And of course, it does. I'm like half smiling, half not. It's not my best look... I would show you, but I'm too embarrassed to share it. 

J and I also spent two hours babysitting our nephew. J loves to teach him all things "destruction". 

Exhibit A: He's telling Sammy to practice his baseball swing by hitting the ball into the wall. Please take note of John's creepy, yet hysterical face. I cried laughing...

The weekend was the calmest we've had in over 3 months. We stayed in Friday and Saturday night watching movies and making dinner. 

Sunday was the most fun because 1) I started off my day with mimosas as J and I lounged around in bed...

 ...and 2) because we FINALLY bought a new couch and love seat!!!! Here's a picture of the sectional version. 

It's from Trisha Yearwood's "Home" collection. In other words, this is the closest I'm ever going to get to Garth Brooks being in my humble home. It comes in mid-September and we cannot wait. Don't worry, though. We bought the protection plan because.... wine...No red stains on this baby! 

Hope you had a great week last week. On to the next!