13th Floor San Antonio Haunted House Now Open

Disclaimer: I was given the opportunity to experience 13th Floor San Antonio with three friends, at no cost. However, all opinions expressed here are my own.

For those who knew me as a child, they know that I was a scaredy-cat when it came to most things, especially creepy monsters and scary movies. The older I got the more my fears shifted from scary movies to just basically fear of everything. :P 

But one thing has remained the same - I've always been afraid of haunted houses. I just don't like them. When I received the invite to attend a media night event for 13th Floor San Antonio haunted house, I made sure I rallied a group of friends to go with me. No way in heck I was going to do this thing alone. 

The closer the event day got, the more reluctant I was to go, especially to a haunted house that has been voted the "#1 Scariest Haunted Attraction" by Hauntworld Magazine in 2011, 2012, and 2013. It was ranked 2nd in the nation this year. 

What the heck was I getting myself into?!

When we got there, all of us were already freaking out. Scary characters were roaming the area, spooking unsuspecting visitors as they waited to enter the house. Of course, my sister Gina was screaming before we even got inside. 

NOTE: The key to making it through a haunted house is having people more scared than you go with you. I was too busy being entertained by their screams than I was to getting scared. 

Although I dubbed, "not first" to walk through the haunted house, I inevitably became everyone's shield for about 45 minutes. 

After sliding down a two-story enclosed slide to enter into the haunted house, we slowly, and when I slowly, I mean we basically side shuffled our way, to the first room. We passed through attractions like Slaughterhouse filled with gut-spilling victims and really creepy clowns (oh great. clowns.). We passed through the Feral Moon room complete werewolves, who ended up following us for a good 5 minutes into other parts of the house.

By the time we made it through I had been thrown into walls, whipped around to block from creatures and shoved through doors to escape chainsaw-wielding wild men. We all walked/ ran out of the attraction relieved, high on adrenaline and drenched in sweat. 

If anything, this haunted house was a cardio-kicker, as well as a psychological thriller. 

It's the Halloween season, and you just can't go this year without experiencing 13th Floor San Antonio for yourself. General admission tickets start at $24.99. For more information, be sure to check out the website

Grab some friend, and some courage. I'll see you at the 13th Floor.