Dallas is Always a Good Idea

You know when you come home from a vacation and all you do for the next week is day-dream about how awesome it was? That's what I'll be doing this week thanks to the amazing weekend J and I had up in Dallas for our friends' wedding.

Not only we were excited for the wedding, but we were also excited to re-visit our old stomping grounds and to hang out with a bunch of other friends who currently still live in Dallas.

Thanks to J's corporate perks, we got a great deal at the Warwick Melrose Dallas located on Oak Lawn Avenue, just a quick Uber ride away from The Ritz- Carlton where the wedding ceremony was. This hotel was seriously right up my alley. Its oozed historic elegance and charm. 

We had a really lovely view of Downtown Dallas we enjoyed while we sipped our morning coffee. 

The whole weekend was a blur. Saturday night literally was towards the end.... Let's just say, John is a patient man. But it's hard to forget great time with friends at a gorgeous event. 

The wedding was absolutely beautiful, set to a backdrop of white and gold flowers, draping and accents. The highlight of the night for me was the band. Shockingly I managed to dance the WHOLE night in my high heeled shoes. I don't know if the alcohol helped from feeling the pain, or if the shoes were just that comfortable. Either way, I was impressed. 

Does the dress look familiar? I'm not ashamed to admit I wore this for my cousin's recent wedding. This bridesmaids dress was so awesome, who wouldn't wear it again?! 

We were a few drinks in and feelin' fine. The night was still young when the picture was taken! 

The food was fantastic. I chose the Sea Bass, while John selected the filet. I ended up eating all his mashed potatoes because you know me and potatoes...

Everything was phenomenal. 


I can't wait for the next wedding in November. The Lightys will take on Austin!