My Week in a Nutshell 8/6- 8/12

This past week I've totally felt like my friend Sarah from Life of a Frye: fluttering around town, attending all these great events, partying on a Tuesday! I feel like a true San Antonio 20-something year old instead of a 90-year old women who eats at 5:45 p.m. and falls asleep on the couch at 8:00 p.m.

It's been so busy, but I've enjoyed it all. Here are a few highlights...

Last Thursday I attended the 13th Floor San Antonio media event with my cousin, Sarah, and my twin sister. If you didn't catch my last post about it, you can click here to read now

On Saturday, before going over to set up for my twin sister and her fiancé's engagement party my aunts, older sister and I hosted for them at my parents' place, I attempted to whip of a batch of blueberry lemon muffins. 

The recipe I used was actually to make a blueberry-lemon loaf, but I figured muffins would be easier to grab and eat. Although they look pretty, they actually didn't turn out all that well. In fact, J told me I could throw them :( Wahhh! We all fail sometimes... 

I'm not quite sure what happened since I followed the recipe and used the proper ingredients. I think the blueberries were bad? I'm gonna go with that...

Gina and Justin's engagement party went off without a hitch! The theme: "Fall In Love". How presh, right? We were so proud of ourselves. 

I gave a quick little prelude to my future Maid of Honor reception speech. To be honest, I don't really think I said anything but, "we're really excited". I didn't want to give away any of the good stuff before the actual big day! 

I made Pumpkin Cheesecake Snickerdoodle Cookies on Sunday and boy are they good. They are filled with a cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla based mixture. This redeemed me from my blueberry-lemon muffin mess earlier. 

 MAKE THEM! It's like eating fall.

This picture below is rather sad, isn't it? Well, sweet Luna got stung by a bee on her eyebrow/ eyelid during our morning walk Tuesday. I didn't know what happened when she started freaking out on the leash, but then I saw the bugger fly off and instantly knew. I've seen horror pictures of dogs with bee stings. Luckily, Luna's eye has been relatively tame in the swelling department. I gave her some Benadryl to help with itching and swelling, and it seemed to do the trick. This was her first bee sting & luckily she's not allergic. 

Mind you, this comes about two weeks after she stepped in an ant pile and got all eaten up on her paws. She's a mess.... and we apparently live in a jungle. 

Tuesday night Sarah and I attended a free blogger event at Nirvana Stone Oak hosted by RumChata and Vianney Rodriguez of This was the first time I've tried RumChata and was pleasantly surprised how yummy it is. It's a dairy-based liquor, similar to Bailey's Irish Cream. 

*Sorry for the cruddy photo. The lighting was terrible in there.* My drink of choice that night: "Life's Peachy" made with peach schnapps, RumChata, and something else I can't remember. Lots of peach stuff! hahah

John and I also had an impromptu visit from our best friend from Dallas who was in town for work. He came over for a bit to hang out, then we all grabbed a sushi dinner. *Hey, Sami!*. 

How was your week?