Reaction to Las Vegas Shooting

Las Vegas holds a special place in my heart. My twin and I celebrated our 21st birthday in Vegas. J and I got engaged at the top of the Stratosphere Hotel. In fact, the very first trip we took to Vegas we stayed at the Mandalay Bay Hotel.  

Vegas is an "adult's Disney World", as everyone says. When I woke up this morning, it had turned into a nightmare zone. 

If you haven't heard, there was a mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Musical Festival during the Jason Aldean concert last night. To hear that over 50 people lay dead and over 400 people have been transported to hospitals is shocking, heartbreaking, angering. 

This has already been declared the "Deadliest Mass Shooting in U.S. History." 

What's even sicker? This man chose to taken 50+ lives before turning the gun on himself before police got to him. To take a (wo)man's life is bad enough. To take a potentially hundreds of innocent people's lives because you wanted to take your own is SICK. DISGUSTING. COWARDLY. EVIL.


It makes me question whether bringing a child in this world is worth it. Things only seem to be getting worse, not better. Our society is only getting more segregated and dangerous, not united.

Yes, deadly events often show where our true patriotism lies and how united our country and world can become when faced with adversity, but why does it have to take over 50 people lying dead in the grass to bring us together again? 

Mondays just got a whole lot worse for so many families.