One Year and Counting: A Questionnaire About Our 1st Year of Marriage

I cannot believe this time last year J and I were kicking off our wedding weekend. Family and friends had started to travel in from across the state to celebrate our big day. I was counting down the hours until our rehearsal. 

Easter Sunday marks our official 1-year wedding anniversary. The couple on one of my favorite blogs happened to be celebrating their 5-year wedding anniversary this same weekend and decided to do a questionnaire about their past year. I thought it'd be fun to do the same!

Below are J's and my answers to some fun questions about our first full year of marriage. 

1. What’s one completely surprising new thing you learned about each other in the past year?

Sam: J and I dated for 5 years prior to marrying so I already knew a LOT about him. I think the most surprising thing would be that he actually enjoys Ed Sheeran music. 

J:  That Sam is actually wanting to talk about having a baby. 

2. What’s your favorite part about being married to the other?

Sam: Every night feels like a sleepover party with your best friend! We cuddle up and watch TV together, eat crappy snack food, and share stories and jokes. I also love the fact that I have someone I can lean on through every life situation that comes my way. 

J: I think it's being able to have an excuse to do everything together. I married my best friend and it's nice to know that we don't have to be apart if we don't want to -- there's no separation for family events, holidays, etc.

3. Biggest pet peeve about the other currently?

Sam: He ALWAYS leaves clothes on the floor in the bedroom and has about 5 empty water cups on his computer desk at all times. 

J: My wife is perfect in every way and has no flaws, but hypothetically, if something were to bother me in this purely fictitious example, it would be that she's always glued to her phone

4. Favorite little thing the other regularly does?

Sam: He rubs my feet, although, it really isn't as regularly as I want. :P I also love it when he texts me he misses me throughout the day. 

J: Cooks incredible dinners. You read this blog, right? I eat like a damn king.

5. How have you been balancing work life and personal life lately?

Sam: It's been hard lately since I've been having to show clients homes in the evenings. J will get home from work right when I'm headed out the door. The weekends we try to block off so that we can spend the whole time with each other, but during the weeks, we make sure to always eat together and watch TV. 

J: I think the biggest factor is being able to flip that switch, "shut down," and make time for each other; that's something I've had to learn to do more quickly, now that I have someone to go home to. 

6. What dish do you always request the other cook?

Sam: He makes great chicken (or shrimp) pesto pasta. Also, cookies... and popcorn...

J: Burrito Bowl or pasta

7. Are there any things you don't see eye to eye on (big and small)?

Sam: Of course! J and I have very different ways of communicating our feelings. We definitely had to get used to each other's styles. In the beginning it was tough, but now that we know how each other 'works' we try to tailor our reactions accordingly. 

Also, music... Our tastes could NOT be more opposite. 

J: How to discipline or dog and what an acceptable amount of video game-playing is.

8. When you think back on your wedding from one year ago, what's the one thing you remember most vividly?

Sam: I remember being extremely anxious to walk down the aisle. I was so nervous about tripping, about bawling, about being able to see John's first reaction. Dah! I remember standing up and saying our vows and how I tried really hard not to cry because I didn't want to sound like a blubbering baby. I remember our first dance, our reception and how absolutely stunning it turned out, our speeches. Honestly, I can remember everything like it was yesterday. 

J: Standing up on the altar and feeling like it took ten years for those doors to finally open and getting to see my future wife in her wedding dress. But once I saw her, everyone else just faded away -- it was the most incredible experience.

9. What do you hope to accomplish together in the coming year?

Sam: I hope that we both grow in our careers and our relationship. Plus, we want to travel a lot more and have a bunch of trips coming up, so creating memories with each other in different places. 

J: My goal for us in early marriage it to make sure we have a solid foundation, not only in our relationship, but also financially. I'd also like to travel more. I realize that's conflicting, but oh well.

10. What’s a guaranteed way to make the other happy after a terrible day?

Sam: Letting J unwind by playing video games with a glass of whiskey. 

J: Easy--- a foot rub or a massage.

11. In your eyes, what is the other’s greatest accomplishment this year?

Sam: He's been kicking bootay and taking names at work and has been recognized and acknowledged by some very high ups in the company. They have their eye on him, and it makes me so proud. 

J: Sam has recently started a job as a real estate agent and is already crushing it. I'm always amazed that she's able to balance a new job and still manages to make time for us, along with house chores/schedules/laundry/cleaning.

12. Favorite outfit the other wears?

Sam: He looks so handsome in a tux, and thankfully he's been able to wear one to all the weddings we've attended this past year. But on a normal basis, it's a pair of jeans and a nice button down shirt. 

J: The dress I bought her for Christmas!

13. What was your first impression of the other's personality and is it true today? 

Sam: When I first met J, he was very shy and quiet. Still 100% true to this day until he gets to know someone. 

J: Anyone who knows Sam knows that she's the most genuine and outgoing person. I think people make an instant connection with that. It's nice to have someone who balances out my introversion.

14. What is your favorite memory together (excluding our wedding)?

Sam: Oh gosh, I have a ton. I'd say getting engaged in Vegas & when J completely surprised me and brought home my baby Luna. Those are my top two, but every trip we've ever taken together holds a special place in my heart. 

J: Traveling to Las Vegas to get engaged.

15. What is your favorite way to spend time together, just the two of you?

Sam: Binge watching Netflix shows and cooking dinner together. 

J: Going out to eat, or convincing her to watch some classic movies that were robbed from her childhood (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, etc)

16. What is the other most passionate about?

Sam: His games, car, and guitars. 

J: Our dog, Luna.

17. Biggest sacrifice the other has made for you?

Sam: He moved to San Antonio with me after college instead of staying in Dallas for grad school and a job. 

J: Letting me pick the TV shows 90% of the time.

18. What is one way you most differ from the other?

Sam: Communication & handling stress.

J: I think we handle stress in different ways. She tends to worry about things more than I do. I think we do a good job of balancing each other out, though.

19. Most important pieces of advice for a successful relationship?

Sam: Get a king bed as fast as possible! I'm only partly kidding... I would have to say learn to communicate in a healthy way. Trust should already be a given. If you can't trust your partner, you've got a long road a head of you. 

J:  Just because you are married does not mean you can stop dating. Don't go to bed angry.