'Check' it Out!

(This post uses affiliate links.)

I love fashion, but many of the bloggers I follow are tall and skinny and make anything they wear look great. I, on the other hand, couldn't attempt half of the looks they promote because my body is the exact opposite.

Disappointed by my lack of realistic style inspiration, I began following a few petite style bloggers last year in hopes of finding stylish, affordable clothes to fit my 5'0 tall (or short depending on how you look at it) frame.

Stylish Petite is one of the blogs I've really enjoyed keeping up with. I came across this outfit on her blog when she partnered with Chicwish.com. Being a 4'11 blogger herself, the outfit looked amazing on her so I knew I had a chance of pulling it off, too.

With a leap of faith, I ordered this adorable cropped top and skirt combo from Chicwish.com.  

Top & Skirt: Chicwish / Wedges: B.P. (Similar style here) / Necklace: Chloe + Isabel (Similar style here)

I didn't realize that Chicwish is actually a China-based company prior to ordering and only discovered it after coming across another blogger/brand promotional post on the other petite blog I follow, Extra Petite. 

I ordered the outfit on March 8th. It says items typically take 8 to 12 days to ship and deliver. After 2 weeks, I noticed that my order status was still "pending". I reached out to customer service, who were pretty quick to respond back. They said that my size was out of stock, and that as soon as they fulfilled the size, they'd ship my order. Another week goes by with no status change and I start to get concerned that I just bought an outfit I'd never see. After two more attempts to find my order, and an inquiry to cancel it, my size magically came back in stock and the outfit was shipped out same day. 

I finally received the outfit a month after purchasing. When I got it, I did discover that the hem-line on the skirt was uneven, but decided it was unnoticeable to most.

I wore this ensemble to my mom's birthday dinner at Piatti's in the Éilan.

Top & Skirt: Chicwish / Wedges: B.P. (Similar style here) / Necklace: Chloe + Isabel (Similar style here)

Despite that manufacturing hiccup, the outfit fit true to size and was made of good-quality material. 


I would order another item again from Chicwish, but nothing that I would need in a hurry after realizing how long it took to get them. 

If you browse the site, they do have some amazingly cute pieces for good prices. Overall, I think it's worth the wait and the money you pay for.