Day Trip to Niagara Falls

If you read my "New York State of Mind" post earlier this week, then you know J, Twin Sis, and I headed to Rochester, NY to celebrate our friends' wedding. Seeing as we were only an hour and a half away from one of North America's most popular natural attractions, we decided to rent a car for a quick day trip. 

Niagara Falls straddles the United States/ Canada border, but we heard from tons of people that Canada was the side you wanted to view the falls from. Turns out it's totally true. Although the U.S. side is still majestic, the Canadian side gives you a better perspective of the entire Falls and it's just absolutely breathtaking. 

Here we are getting ready to cross through Border Patrol. 

Who knew there were so many casinos right across the border, too? It looked like a mini Las Vegas!  


The water was absolutely gorgeous! It's hard to believe these photos aren't photo-shopped. Here is a view from the top of the Niagara Falls. We saw the "spray" / mist from miles away when we were still in the U.S. and didn't quite know what it was. Can't believe it kicks up that much! 

They offer boat tours you can take right up to the base of the waterfall, but because we could only be in Canada for about 45 minutes prior to having to drive back to make it in time for the wedding rehearsal, we opted out. Plus, we heard you get super wet on it and I didn't feel like freezing my toosh off. 

I'm so glad I opted for jeans and a long-sleeve shirt. The weather was definitely breezy since the rush of water created quite a wind force. Anything below 75 degrees is cold to me, so you best believe I'm glad I had something covering my arms and legs. 

Did I mention that this shirt was only $9?! NINE DOLLARS FOR THIS SHIRT?! Are you crazy? It fit true-to-size and good quality. 


Top: Shein (Size XS) / Jeans: Kate Spade (Similar style here) / Purse: Kate Spade (Similar bag here)

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Top: Shein (Size XS) / Jeans: Kate Spade (Similar style here) / Purse: Kate Spade (Similar bag here)

I'm so glad we made the quick road trip to see the beautiful Niagara Falls. I definitely want to visit Canada again! It made a lasting impression for only being there for 45 minutes. That should tell you something... 

Have you ever been to Niagara Falls? Tell me how your experience was in the comments below.