Austin Bells Are Ringing

3 down, 3 to go.

J and I headed to Austin this past weekend to celebrate another great friend's wedding! It was a beautiful combination of nature, friendship and love.

The ceremony took place at the Avery Ranch Golf Club alongside the river. Although the weather became a tad nippy at times, the setting was gorgeous and perfect for the occasion. 

I have to comment on the truly AH-MAZING Best Man Speech Brad's older brother gave at the reception. Not only did he fully deliver on passion, but he had a sword to top it all off. A real sword. 

By the end of the speech, I'm pretty sure he would have been able to lead the whole group into battle in a heartbeat. It was epic, to say the least. 

The night was filled with (many) drinks and dancing, along with a late-night trip to the hotel bar for chips & queso and French fries. Great end to a great celebration. 

As much as our schedules are beyond busy with so many weddings to attend, we absolutely love it! We love it not only because we are invited to witness some truly amazing couples (and friends) tie the knot, but we also get to hang out with friends we don't often get to see, reminding J and I that, although we don't live in the same city with them, our friendships are strong enough to transcend miles. 

Congratulations Brad & Emily!