My Top 5 International Netflix Shows & Movies

Looking at my Netflix account under "Recommended for You", one would think I speak 4 different languages. I don't know what it is lately, but I've been hooked on international films and shows. Although sometimes tiresome and annoying to read subtitles, I get over the feeling quickly thanks to the attractive storylines, beautiful locations, and interesting cultures. 

I have heard from several people that a way to learn a new language is to watch television in that language, as well as listen to music in that language. I honestly see how this helps. In fact, I find myself understanding a lot more Spanish now thanks to these shows (and about 7 years of Spanish classes in middle school and high school).

Here are some of my favorite international shows and films you can watch right now on Netflix. 

1. Dark - (Germany)

If you like Stranger Things, then you'll definitely like Dark. I consider this Germany's darker, older and sexier version. The soundtrack is amazing (80's German music), the actors are quite impressive, and the storyline has some mysterious twists and turns, although sometimes it gets a tad bit hard to follow. 

2. The Grand Hotel (Spain)

Okay so this is my favorite Netflix show right now for so many reasons. It's a historical murder mystery set in the early 1900s in a resort town of Spain. The clothing, the set... everything is so luxurious and romantic. Plus, all the actors and actresses are amazingly beautiful. Because it's a murder mystery, the plot weaves in and out often, leaving you surprised and confused in the best way. Lucky for us, we can get started on the next episode as soon as they leave us hanging. The Grand Hotel consists of three seasons with each season having 28 episodes, so you will definitely be with these characters for a while. 

3. Veronica (Spain)

I never liked scary movies, especially those revolving around demonic ideas. However, J is a scary movie fanatic, and the longer we are together, the more and more I fall in love with scary movies. Veronica has been dubbed the 'scariest movie on Netflix', and although I wouldn't go that far with its scariness, I would say it is chilling. Based on a true police case, this film follows a teenage girl and her friends who decide to mess with a Ouija Board and all the bad things that ensue. *Face Palm* NEVER HANDLE A Ouija Board, people. Nothing good ever comes of it. 

4. The Time in Between (Spain)

Similar to The Grand Hotel in the fact that it's a Spanish period series, The Time in Between follows the main character to Morocco during World War 2 where she becomes a seamstress, but, more dangerously, a spy for the Allied Forces! It's a story of love, heartache, danger and independence. 

5. Narcos (Columbia)

So I know Narcos is an American-produced show, however, it's all in Spanish and the vast majority is filmed in Columbia, therefore, I'm declaring this an international show. If you haven't watched this series yet, I highly recommend. J and I loved how they mixed filmed scenes with actual footage of the people and situations. It really emphasized the outrageousness and reality of what was going on during the "reign" of Pablo Escobar and the other cartels. WARNING: this show is graphic and at times, hard to watch.