What's in my Carry On

J and I are headed out to the Sunshine State for the last "hoorah" of the summer. I'm lucky enough to have grown up traveling. My parents have always been huge advocates for exploring new (but warm) places and would take my sisters and I along whenever they could. 

Because of this I've become quite the packer. From carry-ons to checked bags, I keep it real and practical. Since this upcoming travel day is relatively short (if all flights stay on time), I'm keeping my carry-on light, figuratively and literally. 

Here are my Carry On "must haves".

1. Swimsuit 

Whenever I'm headed to a warm place where my "uniform" for the majority of the stay will be a swimsuit, I always pack one in my carry-on. Why? Because luggage gets lost all the time. The last thing I want is to be stranded at the hotel with no clean clothes or a swimsuit to at least enjoy the day in. It doesn't take up much room, and you'll at least be able to participate in activities while you wait for the airline to bring your luggage. I got this particular swimsuit off the clearance rack at Old Navy last year. I paid $8 for both pieces! An insane good find. 


2. Sunglasses

Going to a sunny place, you're going to need some shades every day of the trip. Again, you want to have them on you in case your luggage gets lost. Of course, they are also fragile, and you don't want them to get damaged when airline employees load your bags. I got my Kate Spade sunglasses from Nordstrom Rack. They were only $70!

3. "Blink" Eye Drops

After I got Lasik eye surgery two years ago, I was diagnosed with chronic dry eye. I use eye drops every.single.day. Because of the extremely dry air circulating on planes, my eyes tend to dry out a lot faster than most days. I always make sure to carry eye drops on me for instant relief. My doctor told me about Blink when I first came to him with my dry eye symptoms. He said this was the best dry-eye relief drop on the market! I've been buying it ever since and it really is helpful. 

4. Jewelry 

Any valuables that you would be devastated to lose if you never saw your luggage again should be packed in your carry-on. Jewelry is the perfect example. Although I rarely bring my valuable pieces on vacation, when I do pack jewelry, I always keep it on my person that way I know where it is at all times. 

5. Tote

Of course, you need a cute tote to carry on your belongs. I make sure to bring one that my purse can also fit in to that way I can fit everything neatly under my seat. I got this one from Madewell years ago. The leather is durable enough to hold up wherever you take it. Plus, it has a built-in zip pocket to fit lose items like headphones and phone chargers.

6. iPad Air

I love my iPad air and bring it on every trip I take. I can watch movies, read my book, and do work all from that device. It definitely beats lugging around a computer. Plus, I can stay connected at the pool or in the hotel room. 

7. Socks

I don't know about you, but 98% of the time I'm freezing on airplanes. I usually wear long-sleeves and/or a jacket because it feels like I'm sitting in a refrigerator. I also make sure to always bring socks since my feet are the first things to freeze. I love bringing the fuzzy socks infused with lotion so that my feet stay warm and hydrated throughout the flight.