Walkway of Lights

I can officially get into the Christmas spirit now that Thanksgiving has come and gone. I'm a firm believer of waiting until after Thanksgiving to begin decorating for Christmas and listening to holiday music. Thanksgiving is such a fun holiday in its own right that I think it needs a solid period of celebration, too. 

After Thanksgiving, the family all headed up to the lake house for a nice relaxing holiday weekend. All the boys drove up early to play golf, while the girls trickled up throughout the day. 

That Saturday we visited the "Walkway of Lights", a free holiday attraction in Marble Falls that showcases hundreds of holiday light characters, creatures, and more! 


If you follow me on Snapchat (which I hope you do ;) ) you got a quick tour through the pathway.

The weather was absolutely perfect, in my opinion, capping out at a cool 60 degrees. Cold enough to make it feel like Christmas, but warm enough so that you can actual enjoy being outside. Of course, I dressed like it was below 32, but I was awfully comfortable. 

I seriously love these "face" photo boards. I pop in them any chance I get. This one turned out super cute. Wish the lighting was better or I would have totally use this for our Christmas cards.


After we walked thru, we went for a family dinner at Simply Pho, J's and my favorite restaurant in Marble Falls. I looooove their red and green curry, although it is so spicy I literally start to sweat through my clothes. They say spicy food helps burn calories, right?

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend!