Girls Lunch at Taco Cabana

I was given the opportunity to try the tacos and margarita at no cost in exchange for a blog post. However, all opinions are my own. 

I can have Tex-Mex food all day every day. I ADORE it. Really, I adore the chip baskets the best, but tacos, enchiladas, queso- you name it, I love it. The problem: it so high in calories, saturated fat, and grease. 

When I heard about Taco Cabana's new flame-grilled chicken tacos, I wanted to try them ASAP. I had a feeling these tacos would be a great way to get my Tex-Mex fix in without feeling incredibly bogged down and full the rest of the day. 

From L to R: Grilled Peppers & Onions with Salsa Roja /  Bacon & Jalapeño with Salsa Ranch / Roasted Poblanos, Ranchero, and Cheese.

From L to R: Grilled Peppers & Onions with Salsa Roja /  Bacon & Jalapeño with Salsa Ranch / Roasted Poblanos, Ranchero, and Cheese.

I invited my older sis and my adorable baby niece along for the food tasting fun! 


For a limited time only you can order 3 different flavors: Grilled Peppers & Onions with Salsa Roja, Roasted Poblanos, Ranchero, and Cheese, and Bacon & Jalapeño with Salsa Ranch. Try each al la carte or mix and match for $5.99 (tax not included).

We ordered each flavor along with a Premium Lunazul Tequila Margarita because, well was Friday and it's 5 o'clock somewhere!


The Margarita is made with 100% Blue Agave Lunazul Tequila. I was sold on it when I saw that "Luna" is in the name. This particular tequila comes from a 250-year-old family tradition and is hand-crafted and distilled in small batches for consistent high-quality flavor. Super smooth taste! 


The verdict: Sis and I both loved the Roasted Poblanos, Ranchero, & Cheese taco the best. The bacon and jalapeño one was delicious, but very spicy, so beware. I prefer a hint of spice, but I got a chunk of jalapeño that lit up my mouth.  Of course, the grilled peppers and chicken taco is a classic flavor and always good. 


Both of us noticed how great the chicken was! Not fatty at all, grilled perfectly, and super juicy. One downside, however, was that we wish the pieces were sliced thinner. The tacos were a tad overloaded and hard to keep from spilling when biting into it.

And the tortillas.... YUM! Super fluffy and soft- my kind of tortilla. 

Remember: The Flame-Grilled Chicken Tacos are only being offered for a limited time only. Hurry and try them today!