Holiday Happenings

With so much going on this past month, I’m embarrassed to even be saying out loud how little I’ve blogged. A couple of weeks have gone by with no posting and it makes me sad. Not because nothing has been going on, but because I just haven’t found the time to write about it. 

Plus, we’ve been sticking to “oldies, but goodies” for dinner so I haven’t had a recipe to share in a while. Actually, we did try a few recipes, but I was not on my game those nights and spared y’all the details. 

Since last posting a lot has changed. Here is a breakdown of the rest of our December!

Got my real estate license and started working at a new brokerage with my twin sister!  


This has been the culprit of most of my absence since I’m out and about more often than I'm used to, but I’m definitely not complaining. I got to the point in my old job that I just wasn’t feeling it anymore. After 4 years and 3 months, I decided to transition into a new career. Luckily, my sister and I are doing it together so it makes it twice as much fun. 

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Here is me trying on my brand new name tag! 

Here is me trying on my brand new name tag! 

Luna had hernia surgery. 

For two weeks J and I did our best to make Luna comfortable as she recovered from her hernia surgery. They shaved her belly for the procedure which made the recovery process quite interesting for her, especially when the hair started growing back. I’ve never seen her lick so much! Every waking minute for the first few days she’d non-stop lick. I spent the night at the end of the bed with my arm over her so that she couldn't lick. We've never had luck in the past with putting a plastic "cone of shame" on her, so we finally bought her an inflatable “donut” collar which, luckily, was so much better for her. She looks utterly pathetic in it, but it definitely prevented her from opening up her wound and creating bigger issues.

Doesn't she look so cuuuuute?

Doesn't she look so cuuuuute?

John’s family came to town to celebrate his birthday.

J turned the big 2-7 back on December 11th, so his family drove in to help celebrate. Although the weather was less than favorable, we had a great time hanging out with everyone, especially our adorable little niece. 

She's a girl after my own nose... literally! She loved grabbing on to my nose. I'm pretty sure she does that with everyone, but I'm going to act like it's her and my bonding 'thang'.... 


First Christmas in Beaumont.

Not long after J's birthday is Christmas. This is the first year that I've spent Christmas away from my family and with J's, so it was quite a bittersweet experience. Luckily, I always have a blast with his family, and this time was no exception. We went to Christmas mass on Christmas Eve, then headed to Carrabba's for a large family dinner.


 Then, we all headed back to my in-laws' house to play a really fun drinking game to get everyone in the holiday spirit. So much fun! 

Christmas day was spent drinking, opening gifts, and relaxing. 

Our little family portrait :)

Our little family portrait :)

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday weekend. We've got one more holiday to go before we close out 2016. Can't believe the year is almost over. Where does the time go?!