Got It, Get It, Goal!

I haven't written a post since March. March! Holy Mariah I'm way behind. I hate that I've let my blog fall to the wayside as my twin sis and I continue to build and grow our real estate business together. (BTW- we've moved brokerages and are now at a family-owned brokerage called Phillips & Associates Realty. We love it so far!) 

I love writing and consider it one of my favorite stress and anxiety relievers. Some say I'm actually pretty good at it. Others, I'm sure don't even read. Oh well. This blog was never created to become much more than my "online journal", although at times, it's blossomed into an avenue for some fun partnerships and branding opportunities. 

This past week twin sis and I met with our broker to discuss our business plan and goals for the remainder of this year and next. 

He asked each of us to take some time a part to list out personal goals we have and want to accomplish. When I got home that night and sat down to work on my list, my mind became all jumbled with questions.

"Does "being happy" count as a goal? What does "being happy" look like to me? How do you quantify "being happy"? What if this is too cliché. Nevermind, I'm not going to put that. *vigorously scratches out that sentence*. I'll think of something up."

This is basically the conversation I had with myself for the next 15. I couldn't think of anything for a good long while. Clarification- I couldn't think of anything I thought was good enough to be a goal of mine. I kept feeling like I shouldn't have a goal like that, or that goal isn't "big" enough. Isn't it sad that I judge my own goals? Why is that?

After a long while of thinking, scratching, and repeating, the goals started to flow. In fact, I ended up with two typed pages of goals, both personal and business oriented. 

Do you write down your goals periodically throughout the year? Has it helped you stay accountable and on track? 

Share with me some of your goals for the remainder of 2018.