Foods That Some People Just Can't Eat

It was about time I wrote a post about one of my greatest passions: food. Just kidding… I do that enough already. However, I don’t want to discuss food in general, but other people’s food quirky preferences, or lack there of. I like to eat all different types of food – Italian, Chinese, Mexican. You name it, I love it. I also have a very strong stomach, and will try anything at least once. For example, I’ve had reindeer, blood pudding, and turtle.

What popped in my mind today, however, was rather random, but yet worthy of discussing. I thought “What are some foods that are incredibly normal in everyday eating that some people just CAN’T STAND?”

Some people can’t stand tomatoes. Being from an Italian family, I cannot fathom this every being acceptable.

Some people can’t stand pickles. The smell repulses them. In fact, J is that way. We’re a pretty good team about eating sandwiches/burgers at restaurants. He spots the pickle, I pick them off.

Some people can’t stand mushrooms. They say the texture is peculiar and they don’t taste like anything.

To me this is rather odd since all those foods are a) great for you and b) don’t have extremely intense flavors. These foods aren’t necessarily strange, yet some people just cannot physically eat them. But imagine if you couldn’t even be in the same room as them.

Pop Quiz time:

1. What is Lachanophobia?

a) Fear of heights

b) Fear of vegetables

c) Fear of dogs

If you guessed B, you’re correct! Lachanophobiais the fear of vegetables. Imagine seeing a piece of lettuce and being so scared to the point of tears.

2. What is Mycophobia?

a) Fear of mushrooms.

b) Fear of beets

c) Feer of pears

If you guessed A, then you’re correct. People with mycophobia often feel that if they eat one, they will die because they believe all mushrooms to be poisonous or deadly.

These are obviously extreme cases of food dislike, but I’m just amazed at the fact that some people are repulsed by the idea of basic items found in every day American meals.

Are there certain foods you can’t stand? I wanna know!