Fall Decorating: Media Center

I never really bought holiday home decor seeing as I had never owned a home to fill with it. Yes, I'd decorate my apartments, but only with hand-me-down decor I got from my mom. I didn't want to spend money on holiday decorations when I had barely any space to store them after the month was over. 

Now that we do own our home, I entered the world of adulthood and purchased my very own fall pieces that I know I can use for years to come! 

We don't have a mantelpiece, but we do have a media center with an entire top shelf that leaves much to be desired. I decided that this was going to be first holiday decor project. 

Seeing as I still didn't want to waste too much money on items I'll only see a portion of the year, but still wanting our decorations not to look cheap, I headed to a few stores I knew could offer me nice products for an inexpensive price: Michael's, Kirkland Homes, and Walmart.

I had already been to Hobby Lobby and wasn't too impressed with their collection, although I scooped up a few Halloween trinkets, but that's for another post.

I went a tad bit crazy at Michael's because they were having a Fall Decor Sale with items marked anywhere from 50% to 60% off. (*As of now the sale is still going on! Click here to shop.)

I walked out of Michael's with 4 pumpkins, 2 "strings" of garland, decorative "S" and "J" boxes, and a gold ampersand sign after I originally came in for only garland. WHY?! Sometimes, you just have to take advantage of things...

At Walmart I bought 4 bags of artificial pumpkins and squash ranging in different sizes. I used these pumpkins to fill our Pottery Barn Lanterns we received as wedding gifts, and I love the way they turned out!  

When I saw this pillow at Kirkland Homes, I had to get it! I bought two so that I can display each in a different room. Because we sold our old couch and had been waiting for our new ones to be delivered, I stuck the pillows up on the media center to help complete the look/ keep pillows out of harm's way on the floor. I actually kind of like them up there... What do you think?

What are your favorite holiday decor stores to browse around in? Let me know in the comments!