Cozy Comforts for Cold Days

I can't believe how cold it's gotten in San Antonio this winter! Not only have we had a solid showing of snow, but yesterday our entire city shut down due to extreme sleeting/ ice. 

I'm enjoyed the day curled up on the couch watching movies wrapped in warm blankets and comfy loungewear. Here are some of my favorite comfy clothes and items for cold days like like the ones we've recently had. 

Ice Cream Party.png

1. Nothing says "I'm trying to get cozy" like a great hoodie sweatshirt

2. Hot tea anyone? It tastes a tad bit better in a gilded mug from Anthropologie.

3. Wrap yourself up in these incredibly soft throws from Pottery Barn. They have the best blankets.

4. The ultimate wine lover's sock, and statement, of choice.

5. I'm wearing these as I work on this post. My absolute FAVORITE pair of lounge pants.

6. Warm your insides by making delicious slow cooker recipes. Just prep & wait! (Easier said than done, trust me.)

7. Tying this robe around you is like giving yourself a great big hug! 

8. Love the pattern of these thermal pants! Not a fan like I am? They come in a variety of other patterns, too.

9. Keep your toes nice and warm in these adorable pink slippers.