A Great Ending to A New Beginning

It's truly crazy to think back and realize that another year has come and gone. This time last year, I was in full wedding planning mode. After the holidays passed, I felt like the wedding planning went into overdrive and I ate, breathed, and slept it. 

This year, my planning revolved around my sister's and my real estate business and how we're going to kick some serious butt this year. It's really not an 'if', but a 'when'. We've got big plans, big ideas, and big work ethics, that we know we're going to crush it. Plus, it helps when you're working with your best friend. 

Enough with predicting the future... :P

This New Year's Eve weekend we headed up to my parents' lake house to ring in 2017. J, Luna and I left Friday afternoon after J got off work. What I love about the lake house is the convenience of it. It's just a short drive from where we live, which makes traveling less stressful and rather quick.

That night we went to a yummy seafood restaurant in town where we seriously chowed down on some great food, like this "Hook Line & Sinker" appetizer plate. 

Happy Fried-day!

Happy Fried-day!

I started Saturday morning/ the last day of 2016 off with some exercise. The weather was unusually warm for a December morning, so I took my Blogilates outside so that I could enjoy the weather and the view.

My dad had told us that he found out about a natural trail down the street from the house, so my brothers-in-law, J, twin sis and I all headed out after my workout to explore. 

The trail wound around the hill, with certain portions providing us with great views of the lake. It was a fun, peaceful place that we'll definitely head back to. It wasn't a super strenuous trail, but still gave us a great workout. 

The New Year's Eve celebrations kicked into full swing later that day as we all got dressed up to eat dinner at the Yacht Club. I love getting all shmanzy for dinner, and especially love seeing J all dressed up, too. Isn't he handsome?

Nana even got into the NYE spirit! 

Dinner at the Yacht Club was excellent. It was filled with love, wine, and a whole lot of great food. What more could you ask for?

After dinner, we all headed back home to slip into comfy clothes and get our game faces on. 

Explanation of the rules...

Explanation of the rules...

We played this fun drinking game J and his family taught me over Christmas called "Shoulders". Then, we moved on to the infamous "Cards Against Humanity". I just want to say that I have never played that game before, and had no clue how vulgar it could get, so imagine my shock and horror when we started playing it with everyone. I'm talking everyone including my parents and 89-year-old Nana... But we seriously had a BLAST. We all haven't laughed that hard in years. 

Plus, it kept everyone awake long enough to see the countdown until midnight.

The picture is as blurry as our vision was that night :P Jussssstttt kidding. 

The picture is as blurry as our vision was that night :P Jussssstttt kidding. 

I hope you all had a fantastic end of 2016. I had a great year, despite what others have been saying about how horrible it was. I married my best friend, my sister got engaged, we traveled to see our great friends get married, I changed career paths, we gained a new niece, and my family is healthy, happy, and growing. What's not to like about it?

Hope 2017 is everything you hope it to be! Happy New Year.