Can't Get Enough of Nonna: A Nonna Box Review

I was not compensated for the review of Nonna Box, however, there are affiliate links used throughout this post. All opinions are my own. 

I've been dying to try a Nonna Box dinner ever since I saw the brand on Facebook late last year. 

Similar to other monthly food subscriptions, Nonna Box carefully curates gourmet Italian products that highlight a different Italian region each month. Unlike many subscription services, you DON'T have to sign up for a monthly option at first. You can purchase one-time orders, which is what J and I did for my mom for this past Mother's Day. (Yes, it's been that long since we got it for her and when we were able to make it.)

I purchased the Sicilian box so that we can experience an authentic dish from my Dad's family's motherland! Not only does it provide you with ingredients and recipes, but it also gives you a history of the region the box highlights, a story of the "nonna" whose recipes they are, and a flavor profile of each individual ingredient and suggestions on how to use them in other ways! So. much. stuff in one little box!

Twin sis came over to help us make it. Note, her face says it all: we had a really good time making it!

The box came with a few different recipes, but we opted to make "pasta con pesce spada e sugo di melanzane." What's great is that you really only need to pick up one or two things at the grocery store or from within your fridge/ pantry to complete the meal since the box provides you with all the non-perishable ingredients to make the dish.

We did edit this particular recipe just a touch to accommodate taste and grocery availability. The original recipe called for Swordfish, but we opted for Halibut instead. 

You can pick up fresh halibut at H-E-B or purchase the frozen "steaks" like we did, located in the freezer section. 

We loved the shape of the pasta that came in the box! The ridges helped keep the thick sauce on the noodles. 

We added mom's famous sautéed broccoli as a side instead of a typical salad. Not necessarily a "true" Sicilian side, but whatevs... It tasted awesome!

Overall, absolutely loved the Nonna Box, not only because of how great the ingredients and meal came out to be, but because it brought us all in the kitchen together to make it. 

We can't wait to order another Nonna Box