May Showers Bring Mold: How to Remove Mold From Your Concrete Patio

It sure has been an awfully wet spring. I'm not complaining too much as I am a weather fanatic, especially when it's extreme. Now, don't get me wrong - I don't like seeing death and destruction because of weather, but I can't help but feel awfully small as a huge thunderstorm rolls in over the hills. It's nature's reminder of just how awesome she can be. 

As much as I love the rain, I hate what it's done to my 6-month old concrete patio. Our water runs off the roof onto our stair landing in the back, and thanks to the recent heavy storms, the sheer amount of water that comes off the roof is intense. 

Because of that, it often can't drain fast enough and it ends up leaving little pools of water on the landing where our lovely mold likes to camp out. Our patio has turned from a beige color to a green color rather quickly. Of course, we can't have that!

I used regular old water, a scrubbing brush, and

I mixed the water and a splash or two of bleach together in the bucket and got to scrubbing. I could see the mold start to come up instantly. The water turned green-brown pretty fast. I put a little elbow grease into it and managed only to have to rinse and scrub once or twice. 

This was the finished result. 


What's funny is that while I'm scrubbing I could see a huge rainstorm in the distance making it's way across the hills. I am the type of person that would rather clean whatever is dirty, and then go back and clean it again, rather than let sit there with me having to look at it. Will I probably have to re-scrub the patio in a few days? Maybe, but at least I can sit outside without staring at a moldy slab. 

It's the little things.. 

Happy Weekend!