How to Instantly Spruce Up Your Pantry

Since we moved into the new house, I've vowed to have a more "hands on" approach with decorating. I want to make more of an effort in decorating our house like an adult, but not break the bank in the process, so I've been researching some DIY projects that can instantly improve a space without spending too much money to do so. 

Our walk-in pantry has been looking a little drab and boring lately, and since I frequent it often throughout the day, I wanted to give it a face lift. I noticed that some of my shelving was getting dirty, too, so a light bulb went off in my head!

I headed down to Bed, Bath and Beyond to check out shelve liners and came across these bad boys. 

 I figured this would be a great way to keep my shelves clean and add a little style to the pantry. This project literally took 10 minutes to do, and at the end I had a well-organized, rather stylish area. 

Ta-da! The finished project. Now I just need some cute baskets to organize some more! 

25 days until the Big Day!