Getting Our Green Thumbs On!

Over the weekend J and I tackled our first landscaping project and some more curb appeal to our home. We added flowers around our front yard trees. We also added the extra ones we couldn't fit around the trees around a small bush on the side of our garage. 

We went to Lowe's and got me some tools: my little shovel thing (I forgot what it's called haha!), some gardening gloves, and gorgeous, vibrant Celosias. These flowers are "all season" flowers, which means they (are supposed to) thrive all year long. 

Not gonna lie, I'm super proud of us. I did the first tree circle by myself, carefully measuring, digging and patting the flowers into place. It took my a good hour (I was trying to be super meticulous.)


Then, J came out and offered to help. We ended up doing the second tree in about 30 minutes. Teamwork does pay off! 

We were initially going to finish off the new "flower beds" with river rocks similar to the ones we have up closer to the house, but I remembered we had several extra bricks the builders left when the home was finished just sitting in our garage and figured I'd use them. I loved that I was able to recycle items we already had for a prettier purpose. 

With this project, I've come to find that I really do enjoy gardening. It gives me a chance to unwind and focus on a fun task. Plus I can get out my aggression digging some holes in our super rocky soil. :P

Next gardening project is to plant some Lavender in my backyard. I LOVE lavender. In fact, J and I's engagement photo shoot was in a lavender field, our wedding invitations were lined with lavender, & we have a dried lavender wreath hanging on our front door. Did I also mention that I have lavender lotion, bubble bath, & pillow spray?! You'd think I'd be totally relaxed and chill all day long... 

Lavender is known to be a natural bug and mosquito repellant so I'm hoping to plant some in a pot on our patio to help keep the population down in our backyard. Man, those things can bite... 

Until the next project!