Hi all! Remember me? 

I used to blog over at the little slice of the inter-webs called "Green Eggs and Sam". There I blogged about life as a recent college grad, apartment-dweller, corgi OBSESSORRRRRR (still am), long-term relationship partner and the like. 

Since taking a little over a year- long hiatus from blogging, a lot in my life has changed. 

I'm now married to my best friend and forever partner as of April 16, 2016! My husband and I purchased and moved into our first home, we both got new jobs (I'm a REALTOR® and he works in Oil and Gas), and are navigating our way through marital bliss along with our fur-baby Luna.

But one thing has remained the same throughout this time- my obsession with Corgis. It never wanes...

This blog will contain my musings about life as a newlywed - the good, the bad, the insane, the hilarious, and all the in betweens. 

Thanks for stopping by my new "home away from home". If you have any comments, please leave them on the blog posts. If you have any questions or content ideas, shoot me an email via my contact page

Side Note: All recipes made on the blog typically serve 4 to 6 people unless otherwise specified. I never edit recipes down to two servings since J and I love leftovers. 

*P.S. Shoutout to my great friend and bridesmaid, Sarah of "Life of a Frye", for coming up with this catchy little name for my blog!
*P.S.S. Affiliate links may be used in certain blog posts. I may be compensated for the purchase of items at no cost to you through some links used throughout the blog.